What I do?

Econometrics is Easy. And I make it easy and fun for you.

How I do it?

With online classes, workshops, webinars and lots of learning material

Who am I?

Viren Singh Rehal

Machine Learning from Stanford University Online
Deep Learning from deeplearning.ai
M.A. Honours in Economics
B.A. Honours in Economics


Econometrics may seem intimidating to beginners, it surely felt so when I first started learning. Soon I realized it wasn’t so hard, all I needed to do was make the decision to get started.

And, I am here to help others do the same. Get started. Econometrics is not as difficult as it seems. With a little help from me and all the resources here, it’ll be even easier to grow from a beginner to an expert.

As important as its theory is, the ultimate objective of Econometrics is application. That’s where I come in, to make translation of theories into real-life applications easier for everyone.