3SLS Video Tutorial Series


The aim of the 3SLS Video Tutorial Series is to make the theory, estimation and goodness of fit of 3SLS models clear and accessible to everyone. The tutorials dive deep into the inner workings of the 3SLS model using suitable examples and quizzes to make everything easy to understand. The tutorials cover the following topics in detail:

  • Meaning of Simultaneous Equation Bias
  • Cause and Consequence of the Bias
  • Problem of Identification in Simultaneous Equation Models
  • Order and Rank Conditions of Identification
  • Application of Order and Rank Conditions with example
  • 3SLS Theory
  • Stage-1, Stage-2 and Stage-3 of 3SLS
  • Things to watch out for when applying 3SLS
  • 3SLS Estimation in R
  • 3SLS Estimation in Stata
  • 3SLS vs 2SLS: when to apply which model?
  • Hausman Specification Test for 3SLS
  • Test of Endogeneity
  • Sargan Test of Overidentifying Restrictions
  • Test of Weak Instruments
  • Application of Goodness of fit in R and Stata

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3SLS Video Tutorial Series

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